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real life satan wh*re? #90 Jenny Jones – Believe this woman to be mildly retarded. Rumored to be a tyrant to her staff and an actual wh*re of Satan. (The Devil & Ms. Jones?) Even after the fiasco that resulted in the death of guest, Scott Amedure, Jenny still facilitates shows that revolve around half-truths and false pretenses. In addition, Jenny now salaciously peddles shows dealing with overfed, underdressed teen and pre-teen trollops. Below are ACTUAL show titles:

Monday: “Jenny, It's Wrong...My Teen Strips At House Parties All Night Long!"

Tuesday: "Help My Sexy Dressing Teen, 'Cuz She's Bustin' At The Seams"“

Wednesday: "Daisy Dukes And A Bikini Top? Your Sexy Gear Has Got To Stop!"

Thurdsay: “Make Her Over, She's Dressing Too Sexy"

Friday: "You Say I'm Too Fat? But Thick Is Where It's At!"

#89 Bud Selig – Baseball commissioner. This guy always looks like he just changed a tire. This trothless schemer had the unmitigated gall to cry poor to congress, almost simultaneously as the Yankees were singing Jason Giambi to a $20 MILLION dollar a YEAR contract. Hey Bud, in case you didn’t notice, we are in a war with some rabid, towel-headed, suicidal lunatics; and our school system is deteriorating rapidly. Sorry Bud, you and your rich boy owners can take a seat at the end of the line.

oooh boobetti sounds tight child #88 Missy Elliot – Singing hippopotamus who recently appeared on MTV Cribs. She was asked about a piece of art that was in her ‘crib’ and she stated, “I don’t know what that it is, but it probably cost lots of money.” Oh yeah, they looped, “Get Ur Freak On” for the entire 10 minute nauseating segment. Here are some lyrics from this legendary lyricist and art collector, “Huh, like spaghetti, Half of y'all MCs be stinkin' like boobetti, So your record label cut you off like confetti.“ Taken from the masterpiece, “Beat Biters”

#87 Craig Kilburn– Indubitably, the most arrogant, egocentric, conceited sucka. Has a supercilious and mocking tone which resonates through his annoying nasal delivery. Definitely masturbates in front of the mirror. If you watch this guy, and don’t watch Conan O’Brian, then never come to this site again. Go get yourself a turtleneck and blazer and find some other vain, self-congratulatory jack@sses to watch your stupid dummy hero with. And STAY OUT!

straight to video queen #86 Janeane Garofalo – Has she ever done anything remotely funny? We know you are not Marilyn Monroe, but stop trying to make yourself so ugly with those Sally Jesse-like glasses and what not. Didn’t think it was possible, but she manages to make the great Ben Stiller seem unfunny when she collaborates on those pitiful projects with him. Turned down the role of Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) in the movie, “Scream” to star in yet another Janeane straight to video special, “Sweethearts”. Borderline midget.

everyone hear -Zito beat me up, Zito beat me up #85 A.J Benza –Gossip queen. Mr. Machismo himself. Tubby meatball who used to or still works for E! Entertainment television? Who knows/cares? Brags about getting his butt kicked by Chuck Zito. Anyhow, sucker punched Stuttering John in one of the most cowardice acts ever televised. Starred in perhaps the worse show, “AJ After Hours” in the history of cable TV. This guy sat around an odd lounge with a carafe of wine with B-stars and just rambled and blabbered about nothing. – Ain’t it a bitch!

#84 Chris Isaak – Who is this guy? What does he do? What in the world is going on? Has somehow festered a career through one half-assed song 10 years ago. Don’t even know what the hell the people at Showtime were thinking? The show supposedly centers on a rock star. Is a one-hit wonder really considered a rock star?

julia - give me money - i am an old loser #83 Eric Roberts Julia Roberts' hapless, untalented, hack brother. Recently lashed out at his little sister for failing to support him in his times of need. According to the 1/22/02 edition of news the master thespian proclaimed, “My sister can't act.” This coming from a guy who makes Haywood Nelson look like Sir Laurence Olivier. Awww, too bad you miserable cretin. Miraculous you ever made any movies. Busy alienating everyone in Hollywood and sticking coke up your nose to realize what a pathetic leech you are. Relied on his looks which are fading fast.

#82 P Diddy – (aka Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, Puffy, D*ckweed) Should make the list on the merits of his name alone. Mr. Diddy is famous for cashing in on Notorious B.I.G.'s death. Videos are 15 minutes long and about nothing. This musical scholar is so creative that 15 of 17 songs on one of his albums are sampled. Worth like $230 million dollars for producing singing ebonics! Can’t believe it. Going to jump off a bridge now.

send your money, God will love you #81 Pat Robertson / Jerry Falwell – OK, two more before the bridge jump. These resident geniuses collaborated to blame liberal civil liberties groups, feminists, homosexuals, and abortion rights supporters for the terrorist attacks on Sept 11 - because these groups’ actions have turned God's anger against the United States. Thanks guys. Just what the country needed two days after the attacks. Went on to finger point each other and claim they were misquoted and deny the broadcast event. Time to crawl back in your respective holes.

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