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Here's your chance, to get your OFFICIAL limited edition T-Shirt. Be the first in your neighborhood with this lovely garment sure to spark conversations! A classic white T-Shirt with the official logo across the chest. This shirt is like a trophy for your torso.

Running a site is very costly. These fees include, but are not limited to: securing a domain name, recurring fee to maintain name, and a recurring fee for a reliable server. The goal of the shirts is to break even. If miraculously this site somehow secures a profit. The additional funds will be used to upgrade the site. Then, and only then, we will buy beer. Lots of beautiful beer. Thank you.

But the Shirt!
  • Your purchase is 100% safe. We use PayPal - The #1 payment service on eBay. Trusted on over 2 million auctions. Nobody from or any other 3rd party will have access to any of your information. We also accept checks and money orders.

  • This fine 100% Hanes, Heavyweight, Preshrunk T-shirt is available in 4 Sizes (M,LG,XL,2XL) and made by a real T-shirt maker. Not some goof in his basement with an iron. Our supplier is a first class manufacturer, and it will NOT fall apart after one wash like the ones a guy pulls out of his crotch in the parking lot at a concert.

  • For every T-shirt purchased there will be $1 donated to Daniel Faulkner Educational Grant Fund. The fund was established in May of 2000 to provide financial assistance to students whose parents have been murdered or incapacitated by a violent crime. We support this organization 100%.

  • 100% chance you will get lucky! Wear this unique item to the beach, on campus, or whatever your favorite activity is, and you will score. OK, we made this one up, but the other ones are true, there damn true.

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