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Here's another $5 million for you - so wife f's me for for 5 million a year - I am the the total douche bag... #70 Michael Douglas – This scum-bag acts like he is some kind of gallant hero. When, in fact, he’s a dirty, low-life chode. Our chivalrous knight explains his stalking of Catherine Zeta Jones, “I saw her (CZJ) on some magazine cover, and I rushed around the country like an old, disturbing douche bag." Doesn’t mention the fact that he jettisoned his wife and family of 20 years. Cheat, you are a sorry, embarrassing, old simpleton that acts foolishly. “OK Cathy, you have been married to me for 1 year – here is $5 million. Stay around for another year and I will give you $5 million more.” Also, stop dragging around your atrophied old man like he is some sort of freak show. Unlike you, Kirk carried himself with a modicum of decorum. Leave him alone!

Screw you - I'm a STAR!! #69 Christina Aguilera – Watch out for that light breeze, her light ass might get blown away! We don’t waste our time on the boy bands, Britney, or Mandy Moore. However, our sources in Pittsburgh confirm Aguilera is one nasty be-otch. Wow - how did you end up at #69 on list? - ya wh0re.

#68 Ben Stein – The sardonic one trick pony; who has the longest 15 minutes of fame in the history of Tinsel town with one hideous bit. Bueler, Bueler, Bueler. Great, same thing 20 years later...

So whitey goes to the market... #67 Kings of Comedy - Hardee Har Har. Three hours of blacks guys saying, “and then the white guy says…” “Did you ever notice the way white people drive their cars?” We love the white guy “voice” too. Yea, 3 hours of the evil white man being the foil of racist jokes.

#66 David Duchovny – One of the first graduates of the emotionless Harrison Ford school of acting. Smile, Laugh, Cry, Get Pissed Off, DO SOMETHING! Instead he has that disconcerted look etched on his stone face. He is so upset he only gets a few million dollars to do that eXecrable show. Sorry Sn@tch!

#65 Steely Dan – Was this the Grammy’s attempt at “bit?” Was that surreal or what? These nincompoops don't even appreciate being inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Hi Chris...Whooooaaaa #64 Jim Rome – The insipid host of, “Last Word” of Fox Sports Net. Once described as some sort of bizarre cross between an evil sports robot and George Hamilton. This uninformed ignoramus blasts Philadelphia sports fans whenever he gets the chance. Acts all tough AFTER the interview is over. This was the jerk that was trying to make a name for himself by calling quarterback Jim Everett – “Chris.” Rome was trying to be funny because Chris Evert was a female tennis player. Anyhow, “Chris” knocked him on his sorry arse – one of the great moments in television history. Click HERE to see it. Click BACK on Browser when done to return.

As we have stated before, we do NOT condone violence against any of these chowderheads. However, I have e-mailed Rome and offered to fight him in 15 rounds of bare-knuckle-boxing. So, bring it on Rome. And I will even travel to that second rate city of Cleveland or L.A. or wherever the hell you are to do it.

I will ruin Slapshot #63 Stephen Baldwin - For being perhaps the least talented of the Baldwin brothers, he may also be the most annoying. And if you know the Baldwin dimwits, you know that is no easy task. Don’t have the time or energy to list his failed features and all the bonehead guffaws of his career. However, he is reportedly making Slapshot 2. Even for a Baldwin, this is really low. Sure to desecrate one of the greatest sports films ever with this horrid, unneeded sequel; much like Super-Jew Jackie Mason did to Caddyshack with the vomit-inducing Caddyshack 2.

#62 Chris Connely – The MTV dork who feigns false praise on Jim Carrey during some second rate interview show, and then makes ANOTHER show critiquing his interview with Carrey. Chris and the other robots were laughing like a group at the Apollo with a roomful of laughing gas watching Richard Pryor in his prime. Really Chris, the interview sucked, and the additional show should be burned in street corner trashcan. MTV constant self-promotion and self-congratulatory shows are all sickening. A. Dick and Jackass are the only things worth watching on that hideous channel.

I need to sell-out some more and don't download my songs! #61 Lars Ulrich – In all due respect to the egomaniacal Henley, since when is the drummer the spokesman for the band? The Metalica drummer’s gross homosexual tendencies (not that there is anything wrong with that) and weird mouth are quite disturbing. The $20 million dollars he has is not enough, so he has to whine and bitch about Napster.

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