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#60 Little Earl (David Hollander) – This was the little red-mulleted, pip squeak that was the proverbial kiss of death for “What’s Happening.” Talk about “Jump the Shark” – if this kid does not epitomize when the show started to suck, nothing does. The persistent story-line that Little Earl wanted Dee was disastrous as well. Big Earl was no great shakes himself. These two were supposed to provide a ratings bonanza? Raj, Rerun, and Duane deserved much better fate than that.

This is an Outrageoty! #59 Don King – Ubiquitously, conspicuously, and reprehensibly kept off the list to this point. Ambrosialy and surreptitiously it was invariably the white man’s idolatry that kept him from list so far. The master of onomatopoeia and person uglier than Baba-Booey. Is the grandfathery of EzEbonics-ey. Persnickety and promulgatingly stealing everything in the sight including allegedly Leon Spinks teeth-ety.

Annoying SOB #58 Jerry O’Connell – Who are you? Check out the picture to the left. He is “that” guy. The irksome and loathsome fellow that bores you and makes your blood run cold on the talk show circuit. Apparently he was the fat kid in “Stand By Me.” However, now he is just a purposeless.

#57 Matt Damon – Another guy who can be described in 1 word, “BOOOOORRRRRIIIIIINNNNNG.” Maybe Letterman and Leno don’t suck, it’s just guys like this that make those shows unwatchable. Do you and that other guy have to be in every other movie made in the last 4 years? The over-exposure has become apparent, as somehow he made it on the video of my niece’s 8th Birthday party and EZE’s brother’s wedding. He really needs to cut back his schedule.

#56 Tyne Daly – “Hawvey, Hawvey, listen to me.” Ever since those blood curdling words were uttered by the former Cagney and Lacy star she has been destined to make This house-like moose apparently got divorced (surprise) and is no longer part of the privileged Tom & Helen Willis salt and pepper club.

Check out my pecs Kelly #55 AC Slater (Mario Lopez) – TV’s residential hard-ass from, “Saved by the Bell.” We guess the producers needed the obligatory tough guy or something? AKA ‘Abnormally Cruel'. Since leaving, "Bell" he has: 1. Starred in the ill-fated “Greg Louganis Story.” 2. Also, the horrid USA network produced show where he was a bike cop (he’s no Erik Estrada.) 3. Has been accused of rape (which to be fair, we believe he was acquitted.) Hat trick retard! Any person that makes watching a particular show unwatchable is destined to make the list.

#54 David Caruso – Great job leaving “NYPD BLUE” you 5 foot nothin’ jabronie. You and fellow redhead Ralph Mouth (“Happy Days” to our retarded fans) really showed ‘them.’ Are you artistically happy now sitting home looking at the wall? Oh yeah, you are in borderline porn on Showtime at 2 am. Good Job ASSWIPE!

You big silly faag #53 Survivor(s) - Richard Hatch is big, fat prick, with apparently a small prick from all reports. If his poor son isn’t tortured enough over his homosexual father parading around naked on national TV, then maybe being forced out of bed at 4am to jog around the block will do it. Also, that other pig Susan for that disgusting speech. Good job jackass blowing every advertising opportunity out the window. Finally, everyones favorite, Kelly, for using stolen credit cards and making it tough to defend her. Rudy was OK.

#52 Curly Joe Besser – Sorry ladies for having to use this word, but there is no other way to explain this guy except he is a GRADE A PUSSY. He was the member of the Three Stooges that joined the trio after the original Curly and Shemp left. Why would you join the Stooges when you are afraid to get hit, and bitch at the simplest of paint-brushes? For all those who whine when a ‘Shemp’ comes on you should count your blessings it isn’t this GRADE A PUSSY. Oh yeah, his family and the other Fat Joe (Derita) get a large percentage of the Stooge royalties for some unknown reason. Again, we apologize to our lady fans.

Please note that this was the only tie because we couldn't decide which was worse. Also, Shady T F'd up the numbering and didn't feel like redoing it.

White is NOT right #51 (tie) Lauryn Hill – Somehow she escaped our minds when putting together the list as she is really Top 10 material. She claimed that she'd rather have her babies "starve to death" than have white people buy her album? Then she claimed she was misquoted and/or misunderstood...

#51 (tie) Erik Nies – The pretty boy wannabe from one of the original, “Real World’s” and that other appalling show, “The Grind.” Erik come in here real close and tight, you don’t want to miss a word. We have secret especially for you. YOU’RE WHITE! We hate to be bearer’s of such sad news, but it looks like you’re S-O-L (and we all know what that means.)

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