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Hi! MRS G! #50 Mindy Cohn – (Natalie from Facts of Life) This particular woman is apt to give anyone the heebie-jeebies. The “Natalie” episodes invariably sucked @ss. She was NO Jo Polniaczek. Mrs. Garrett was no great shakes herself. Check this out, in 2001 the Facts of Life had a reunion and the storyline actually revolved around Fat Nat's not one but two boyfriends unexpectedly showing up!

#49 Sylvester Stallone -Hi Sly. How does it feel to be Burt Reynolds? To bad they don’t have Win, Lose or Draw! anymore - You could have drawn pictures with Charles Nelson Riley. This egotistical bafoon allegedly had his maids and house servants walk out of the room backwards when he arrived, and also told them not speak or look at him. If you are an illegal Mexican maid in Hollywood and can corroborate this story it would be appreciated. If these allegations are founded to be true, we will have a page dedicated to you like your little paison buddy Danza. In addition, the ass-reading psycho mom and half-witted brother must also go! Also, Sly made the single WORST picture in the history of film called, “Oscar.” Holy Cow! Did that movie suck! Whewww! Damn it! Oh that sucked! THANK GOD ROCKY VI IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#48 Pat Summerall Retire skeleton! NFL commentator formerly teamed with handsome matinee idol John Madden. Imagine what a great life it would be getting sh!tfaced and announcing football games for 106 years? Move On! Let the young bucs get a stab. Often, 10-20 yards off the mark due to his senility. Please see example. Pat: “First down San Francisco.” Pat’s Partner: "Pat, it’s 4th and long and we’re in Cleveland and they are playing Dallas.” Pat “First down San Francisco” He's Gone! He's Gone! He's Gone!

AHHH AHH #47 Roseanne “America’s worst nightmare; white trash with money.” “Psychotic Bitch!” – These are some quotes from Roseanne herself.

#46 Celine Dion – "when aah waz 12 yeahras olddd, I met my husband. I dreamt about heem evereey night..." "my niece, dah liettle bahbay. she died in mah armszzz. she loved me and nobahdy else." Can she be more obnoxious? Yeah Celine, we all know you were 12 when you met the 36 year old man that would become your husband... we all know how he gave up everything to finance your singing career. Shut the hell up already!!! Plus, she speaks French. DON'T GET US STARTED!

BOOOOOORING! #45 Goldberg With all apologies to non-wrestling fans, this cement-head will be our only wrestler on the list. (½ of TCG likes wrestling, the other ½ no interest). This a-hole refuses to job (lose) and makes every match extremely monotonous. He has an arsenal of 3 moves and NO microphone skills, but is an excellent spitter. Also, was paramount in having the funniest wrestling writer (Vince Russo) ever banished from the sports entertainment. Also, ended the career of ring legend Bret "the Hitman" Hart Perhaps when this stupid dummy’s career is over he can join the pamphlet inspired by the movie, "Airplane" of, “Great Jewish Athletes.”

#44 Joey & What’s Her Name Buttafuoco – Your 15 minutes of fame lasted approximately…….well….let’s see….about 15 minutes too damn long, you pointless boar. We don't want to overlook that little, dirty, wh0re Amy Fisher either. You REALLY are not listworthy, however we actually just like saying and typing your name. Buttafuoco, Buttafuoco, Buttafuoco!

FU and F Jackie - I have NO Pen!s #43 Beatrice Arthur – TCG doesn’t like it when chicks have bigger packages than they do.

#42 Fred Durst – His music and band are not bad, but for a guy that used to knock MTV and mainstream media, and now embraces it, he can lick a monkey's ass! Acts like a hard ass, has gone "Hollywood" and forgotten all about his roots, and loves the fact that there are LB patches on the school bags of every 12 year old poser fan out there. To add insult to injury, the guy shows up on stage with Aguilera at MTV awards. We don't care how bad he wants her "nookie", do it on your own time, punk! You are representing the rock genre real well! Worry more about your music and not your image, you tubby be-otch!

the older i get, the cooler my tats look #41 Tommy Lee - (and actually the whole Motley Crue) Horse-penis-boy thinks he is tough because he kicks women while they are holding children. All those stupid tattoos are going to look even more ludicrous the older you get. Vince you look like a big fatty now. And, we have it on good authority that the idiot with the retarded facial hair is 100% bald. Maybe you guys should go back on the drugs because you were a lot less annoying then.

Nah, Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey, Hey... #40 Alec Baldwin – Said that he'd literally MOVE out of the country if George W. was elected. It's pricks like that who don't realize how good they have it! You have a hot wife and more money than most people will ever see. If you want to make a difference use your status and help make a change. leave you freaking dick-weed, we're better off without your negativity! .

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