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Creepy Guy Page

We DON’T necessarily HATE these guys; they just give us the creeps. And, we ARE afraid of them….

Gross Guy Robin Williams – Imagine walking down your basement, turning on the light and Williams is sitting on the sofa staring straight ahead. YIKES! Great Actor, Horrible comedian, Scary @ss dude!

F#@& THE FCC F EM Grandpa Al Lewis – It wasn't the make-up folks...It wasn't the make-up.

Gross Guy Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje – Prisoner No. 93A234. Simon Adebisi. Convicted May 2, 1993 Murder In The First Degree. If you are the creepiest guy on OZ then you are bound to make the list!

Gross Guy Richard Kiel – Seven Foot Two star has been scaring children for generations. May have seen him as Jaws in James Bond movies, The Longest Yard, and most recently Happy Gilmore.

Gross Guy Andre the Giant – RIP Andre Rene Roussimoff. The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Once drank 117 beers in one sitting. Unfortunately, he was so scary looking, he would scare the sh!t out of the toilet.

Gross Guy Tony Todd – What creepy guy page would be complete without the Candyman?

Gross Guy Howard Dean – MLK had I Have a Dream. Howard Dean had I Have a Scream. Very scary.

Gross Guy Charlie Manson – WHAT???? You were denied parole again?????

Gross Guy Michael Berryman – Good Gawd! All these years thought this cat had make-up on or was some kind of robot. It's ALIVE. You might have seen him in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or Weird Science

Gross Guy James Woods – His picture is in the dictionary next to the term, “smarmy”

Gross Guy Donald Trump – The bad comb-over is only the beginning. What the hell is, “The Donald” anyway?

Gross Guy Bobby Brown – You know, Mr. Whitney Houston. Mr. Hot Water Himself.

Gross Guy Christopher Walken – No Explanation Needed.

Gross Guy Lurch – “You Raaaaaaaaaaang?” Hell NO! Ted Cassidy was also “Thing” in the, "Addam’s Family" as well.

Gross Guy Randy Johnson – The modern day "Lurch" of the Arizona DiamondBacks. At 6'10 this guy is flat out nasty. If you see this guy in a dark alley - "BOOK!"

Gross Guy Judge Judy – That voice, That voice, Someone make it STOP! She has the demeanor and semblance of an Italian mom 15 minutes before Christmas Eve dinner...Extremely edgy cuz she has 63 things cooking at once, and the clock is ticking. RELAX, Dude!

Gross Guy Garey Busey – Did you ever see that movie where he was the psychotic clown? Think it was called, "Carny." Gettin' the willies just thinkin' about it.

Gross Guy Al Gore – Don't look him in the eyes... so scary!

Gross Guy Steve Buscemi – Although this guy is cool, he is still ‘spooky!’

Gross Guy Harry Dean Stanton – Didn't this curmudgeon used to get it on with Rebecca De Mornay? Guess that's what happens when Wally George is your dad?

Gross THING Michael Jackson – WHAT?.....ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH.....IS THAT.....THING?


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