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Check back soon cause, "The night is still in diapers." And, there are still plenty of asses to ream.

CELEBS 100-125 We're not finished yet! will expand. Couldn't find your least favorite celebrity? Well check back and perhaps you'll see them.

The "PIG" Game If we can figure out the technology, our readers will decide who the biggest pig is...Stay Tuned!

"Fan Mail" "...seems that TCG needs to come up with some hobbies to keep yourselves busy and expand your minds. I can't believe that I even wasted my time reading this list..."

CELEBRITIES WE LIKE Don't hold your breath. Pinocchi-Nose Howard Stern (celebrity), M. Night Shyamalan (Philadelphian), and Black drill sergeants that yell at white punks on talk shows (other people) are the only ones we can all agree on thus far.

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