Well, well, well. You have made it to one of the premiere celebrity-hater sites on the web. These pretentious, depraved, immeasurably pompous, annoying, creatures are the depths of celebritydom scum. Exceeded only by their decadent lifestyle and own belief in their self-importance.

How many awards can these egomaniacal jerks give to each other for acting and singing? There must be 50 award shows when there should be three: Academy, Oscar & Emmy.

The following celebrities are being recognized for their lifelong achievements for being grotesquely annoying and/or otherwise haughty attitude.

The initial edition of "CELEBRITY HATER" will include our 20 first inductees into the Hall of Fame.

#20 Michael Stipe – Frontman of REM is absolutely repugnant looking. When is the announcement? Why do celebrities think we care about their politics? The interviews may be the most difficult thing between having to look at his bald headed, sickening physique while listening to him drone on, and on , and on.

#19 Larry King – How can someone sit through a full hour? How come he never dies from all the heart attacks? How many times has he been married? How stupid is Cyndi Garvey?

#18 Oprah – Haven’t we had enough of this big fat tub o lard? The fake black accent is out of control when she is “relating.” She claims to receive no residuals from “Oprah’s Book Club.” Yet, she conveniently does not let us know she owns the movie rights to all these books.

#17 William Shatner – How fast do YOU reach for your remote when a Priceline.com commercial comes on? Once caught on tape berating the crew in a studio for a radio commercial. Welcome aboard, Captain!

#16 Jim & Tammy Faye Baker – Can someone put these two out to pasture?

#15 Yasmine Bleeth – Beautiful, sure. Everything else about her is despicable. Can you imagine someone having such an inflated ego yet possesses the same acting skills as Daniel ‘Dee’ Spencer of “What’s Happenin” fame.

#14 Albert Belle – Big league slugger has been guilty of chasing down children in his truck after he refused to give out Halloween candy. Also, threw baseball at fan in front row. Hmm, Why does everyone hate baseball?

#13 Axl Rose – Ask Metallica. The obnoxious, super-model beating scum needs to stay in hibernation – permanently.

#12 MTV VJ’s – Past, Present and Future. Why is everyone one of these incompetents so damn bothersome? The two greatest offenders have to be Pauly “my mommy owns a comedy club” Shore & Jesse Camp. Jesus Christ, I am getting nauseas thinking about these two.

#11 Spike Lee – Can anyone stand this physical and mental midget’s films. The commercials even suck now. Can Reggie Miller just punch him in the face once – Please.

#10 The French – Not celebrities, but the biggest group of cowards that the Lord ever created, and should be on every hate list. They embrace convicted killer Ira Einhorn and shower sparingly. Any chance the French get to piss off America they take it. They put a ferocious battle against Hitler. Why is Euro Disney not successful? Because every time the fireworks go off the French all surrender. Thanks Jokeman.

#9 Rosie O’Donnell – Shut the hell up for one minute. How someone can watch this show for beyond 5 minutes is beyond comprehension.

#8 Demi Moore – Congratulations on those ridiculously pretentious names for your children: Rumor & Scout or whatever the hell those poor children are named. Why do you act like such a c-word and demand multiple trailers on the set? Why do star in a movie called “Striptease” and not even take off your top? Geez, you showed them in “Blame it on Rio” when you had relatively speaking ‘mosquito bites.’ Willis should be ashamed as well for letting you get away with those assinine names.

#7 Louis Farrakhan – Salom Malakem racist pig.

#6 Mark Chmura – “Mr. Morals” This piece of trash had the audacity to not show up to visit the president after the Packers won the Super Bowl because of his moral beliefs. Now, he is accused of having sex with his 17-year-old baby-sitter.

#5 O.J. Simpson – Hey Killer! The fiery depths of hell a wait.

#4 Ralph Cirella– The man that shaves Howard Stern's back hair & cleans his underwear. Yet, even this walking piece of monkey crap has the ego the size of 10 men combined. Keep pointing the laser you ugly S.O.B.

#3 Mumia Abu Jamal –& Supporters - Convicted cop killer and all his supporters will join OJ in blazes when they eventually die and leave us alone. That includes you Ed Asner - you big, fat retarded ape.

#2 Kathy Lee Gifford – Please lady, don’t go away mad, just go away! Take your poor children and geriatric slapnutt husband too.

#1 Tony Danza This all started with the loathing of one Tony Danza. Said person, Celebrity Haters doesn't even like saying or typing his name, once had his limo driver come out at Pat's Steaks in South Philadelphia and say, "No one speak or look at Mr. Danza in the eye." Who the heck (sic) does this guy think he is?

Might I digress, but he is so darn (sic) dumb that the characters he portrays are invariably named "Tony." See, he can only respond to the name "Tony." If he had to portray a character w another name there would be dead silence on the set because he would not respond -- that's how darn (sic) dumb he is.

Anywho, back to how said person was nominated as the most deplorable celebrity. He almost caused me to lose my 17-year VOMIT-LESS streak. It was really late one night and I was watching Nick at Nite w/ a friend when TAXI came on. At the site of said person I felt terribly uncomfortable and asked that the station be switched. My friend said there was nothing else on and proceeded to watch it. Of course, the episode revolved around the idiotic "Tony Banter" character. ‘Banta’ is the way said person would pronounce it. After a few moments of the "lovable palooka" I thought I was going to lose my lunch. I went to the facilities and started to dry heave. After a few perilously close moments of losing my much-heralded streak I went to my bed and proceeded to sweat and my stomach was in knots the duration of the night. Obviously, said person will NEVER, EVER, EVER appear on my TV again! He is the only celebrity that may induce vomiting.

Finally, NBC will never be forgiven for supporting one of Danza’s latest comebacks. To celebrate American hero, icon, and living legend Bob Hope’s 50-year anniversary on the network - they touted Danza to host the show. NBC has since been in ratings funk that the comedic gods have placed on them for stabbing Bob Hope in the back. Time is running out, might have to throw up since this douche bag wasted this much of my time.

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