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More wacky fun for the whole darn family!

Hi There! I'm a 4 foot ass Philly's Most Hated All your favorite Philadelphia area locals are here. Take a look at the City of Brotherly Love's biggest jag-offs.

Andre the Giant Has a Posse CREEPY GUY PAGE Take a gander at some of creepiest guys on the planet. Beware! Children discretion is advised.

Shady T -ac SHADY T-ac – Like his hero Carnac, Shady T-ac amazingly solves riddles through hermetically sealed cyber envelopes.

I talk slow and use big words for EFFECT BEST OF DENNY MILLER – Our fictitious Denny takes knocks on everyone as only America’s most coxcombry comic can do.

charles nelson riley is gay - NOT ME INTERVIEW – It's very tough to get celebrities to talk to Fortunately, Dom Deluise and Burt Reynolds were gracious enough to sit down with us. As soon as more celebrities sit down with us, we will post interviews immediately.

help! - I smell like trash and excrement Osama Bin Laden – Just a short and simple shout out to this GRADE A @-HOLE.

REUNION 2010, REUNION 2010! Links – The few, The far between, those who will link with us!

lots of spare time on hands Meet Team Cool Guy – Meet and greet the jabronies who bring the site to life.

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