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#1 Tony Danza

Dick Genesis

The whole phenomenon emanated from Shady T's loathing of one Tony Danza. Said person, doesn't even like saying or typing his name, once had his limo driver come out at Pat's Steaks in South Philadelphia and say, "No one speak or look at Mr. Danza in the eye." Who the F does this guy think he is?

Might I digress, but he is so freakin' dumb that the characters he portrays are invariably named "Tony."

(Taxi)- Tony Banta
(Who's the Boss)- Tony Micelli
(Hudson Street) - Tony Canetti
(Tony Danza Show)- Tony DiMeo

See, apparently he can only respond to the name "Tony." If he had to portray a character with another name there would be dead silence on the set because he would not respond -- that's how darn dumb he is.

Vomit-Less Streak

Dick Long before horse-faced, marriage wrecking Jerry Seinfeld of the great, "Seinfeld" show introduced his vomit-less streak; Shady T was working on his own vomit-less streak as a child in the early 80's. Anywho, DDDDDDDDaaaannnzzza (said like Arthur Fonzarelli when he is apologizing) almost caused Shady T to lose his 17-year VOMIT-LESS streak. It was really late one night and T was watching Nick at Nite with a friend when the show, "TAXI" came on. The site of said person made T feel terribly uncomfortable, and asked that the station be switched. T's friend said there was nothing else on and proceeded to watch it. Of course, the episode revolved around the idiotic "Tony Banta" character. After a few moments of the "lovable palooka" T thought he was going to lose his lunch. T went to the facilities and started to dry heave. After a few perilously close moments of losing his much-heralded streak T went to bed and proceeded to sweat and his stomach was in knots the duration of the night. Obviously, the fine thespian will NEVER, EVER, EEEEEEEVER appear on T's TV again! He is the only celebrity that may induce vomiting.


Dick He's more than America's most incommodious housekeeper or irritating cabbie; he starred in the gruesome 1998 made for TV movie, "The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon." Don't forget how he single-handedly ruined these two programs for these legendary icons and entertainers: "Bob Hope: Laughing with the Presidents" and "Sinatra: 80 Years My Way" as host. The dummy was also part owner of the now defunct Philadelphia Bulldogs roller-hockey club. In addition, he received a "Razzie" nomination in 1990 for Worst Actor for his performance in, "She's Out of Control." And last but certainly not least, was when this imbecile decided to take a tree head on while he was skiing in Utah in 1993. I cannot believe this douche bag wasted this much of my time...

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