Meet Team Cool Guy (TCG)

These are 4 twenty-somethin' marketing drones in the Philadelphia area. If you know their true identities, please refrain from using them so they don't lose their overworked, underpaid positions - thanks! Also, if anyone has any copywriting positions in the Philadelphia area please e-mail us.

Look-alike Shady T. – (Chairman of the BORED) aka (ODBT - Old Dirty Bastard T) Gap-toothed, pot-bellied, potty-mouthed, perennial slacker who obviously has way too much time on his hands. Once sent a condolence card to a friend for her father when her father did not die – it was another person. Acts all salty if his food touches or someone touches his food. His next chest hair will be his first. This fool drinks way too much Coor's Light each weekend and wonders why his favorite song is Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy"

Most Hated Celebrity: Tony Danza

Look-alike Sn@tch – aka (Baby, K-Dog.) The only broad board member of TCG. Claims to be a slut, yet no one in TCG has gotten past 2nd base. Claims to have an English degree, yet could not find one grammatical error in this abominable prose. Although she weighs a mere 110 lbs, she has been spotted drinking multiple "cosmopolitans" and wandering about town aimlessly. Sn@tch's cd collection is so hideous she could have had those freaks in Waco running out of their compound surrendering. A lovely young lady, except once a month when her evil alter ego, "Aunt Flow" wreaks havoc in TCG.

Most Hated Celebrity: Kathie Lee Gifford

Look-alike Y2Kracker Once borrowed Rosie O’Donnell’s hat and had to give it back to her because it was not big enough for him. He is probably the most popular TCG member, however, he: says "I seen that", listens to scary music, knows Hank the Angry Dwarf, waits a year to consumate a relationship, is Mr. Sensitive, has a hairy ass back, owns silver-sequin shirt, wears "shorts" that come to his ankles, went to N'SYNC concert, and we believe he thinks pro-wrestling is real. Finally, hangs out every weekend with a 26 year-old nark who he claims is his “14 year old cousin.”

Most Hated Celebrity: Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit)

Look-alike EzE – His arcane, puzzling e-mails usually must be decoded and translated by the other 3 TCG members. An EzEBONICS example: Rock the Causfault! His laid-back style and appearance has elicited some to speculate if he is, "one of them pot-heads." Likes to drink an abundance of Yuengling (dark lager brewed in Western PA.) and kick bouncers in the nutts. Has a 5 O'clock shadow at 5:01 when he shaves at 5:00. Once had a Vlassic pickle and decided to buy the stock watching it sink like a Chunky Fat Hawaiin Lookin' Kid doing a "cannon-ball."

Most Hated Celebrity: Rosie O'Donnell

Also special thanks to these people:

Double A – Spoiled, rich kid who has a server where we can host for free. Little bastard knows more about computers than all 4 TCG members combined. Saved our asses near the end when there was "technichal difficulties." Most Hated Celebrity: Montel Williams

GMarie – This treat sat next to Shady T during his 5-week .HTML class. She is a computer science major so she helped Shady T so he didn't fall behind like a lot of the other dumb-asses. Not sure if she is a 'lesbo' or not, cause that is what Shady T calls all women that cut him short.

MikeH – This fellow taught the HTML course. He might smell like a cross between a foot and ass, and he won't be attending a TCG meeting any time soon, but knows his HTML.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and for clicking on the banners. Please remember that Shady T, Team Cool Guy, or anyone associated with this site does NOT encourage physical harm to any of these celebrities in any shape or form. If you come across one of these imbeciles just tell them to visit CelebrityHateList.com.

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