I be illin' #40 Eminem – (sung to that Fleetwood Mac song) I wanna , I wanna, I WANNABEEE. The wigger can single-handedly ruin a whole weekend of MTV when it’s Eminem weekend. Marshall, do you realize how re-goddamn-diculous you look grabbing your crotch? Now he is busy trying to be a gangsta waving around an UNLOADED gun at the retarded clowns (ICP). F all rappers too.

#39 Michael Bolton -Shhh! Maybe we shouldn’t bring up his name, cause thankfully he has been out of the public eye for a few years….Shhh!

#38 Dan Aykroyd Perhaps the UN-funniest man in American television and film history. The only watch-able performances he has made can be directly attributed to co-stars: Murphy, Belushi, Murray and Candy. The old SNL bits are horrific, especially the fish in the blender thing. Doctor Detroit, Exit to Eden, Caddyshack 2, Coneheads, Sgt. Bilko. For the love of God, would someone STOP him before he hurts someone.

Look how great we are!