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Here's YOUR chance. Tell us who YOU hate, and what YOU think...We will quarterly pick the funniest celebrity hater so leave who you hate and why and we will post it.

Due to the fact that many of our fans can't read or write, or are just too damn lazy; we are now offering $1.98 (US currency) prize to the quartely winner in honor of that flamer Rip Taylor.

If you think the site is great or sucks tell us. If you want to add someone to the list or take umbrage with one of the people on the list let us know as well. We can't update as much as we would like so your comments are important to keep traffic up in between updates.

And, keep your eye out for one of our biggest fans "Denny Miller" who will appear in the guestbook on a semi-regular basis.

4th Quarter 2000 - "Mooch" - : YO Team Cool Guy..... WAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUP! TCG, there is nothing wrong with those Coors Lites!!!! My celebrity to hate is Jimmy Johnson...former Cowboys Head Coach....Nice F@ckin' hair....divorces his wife so he can spend more time coaching.... plus good job in Miami dude! LOSER!!!!!!!! .

We DO NOT hate "Screech" Powers (Dustin Diamond) of Saved by the Bell fame, but we do like to point and giggle at him and thought you might want to as well...