Stupid Guy #30 Tom Arnold – Obviously, no need for an explanation. But, Did you see when Tom Arnold visited the cast of the, "Real World?" No, really. Did you see when Tom Arnold visited the cast of the, "Real World?"

Black wife, white girlfriend #29 Bryant Gumbel – Starts every sentence stuttering, “I, I, I, I.” Was he and his brother raised by separate parents? The brother seems like a decent guy. Excellent career move leaving the Today Show.

#28 Cast of "The View" These broads are absolutely intolerable. How the BS can constantly spew out of their respective mouths is implausible.

#27 Barbara Streisand – “Babs” as she is known. One of the ugliest son of a bitches we’ve ever seen. Imagine marrying this highfalutin floosy. For some unknown reason she is treated like royalty, meanwhile Mr. Barbara Streisand (James Brolin) has been reduced to doing AAMCO commercials. Has there ever been non-jew under 30 pay money for any of her crap?

#26 Mark Chmura – “Mr. Morals” This piece of trash had the audacity to not show up to visit the president after the Packers won the Super Bowl because of his moral beliefs. Now, he is accused of having sex with his 17-year-old baby-sitter.

#25 Al Sharpton – Obese, pompadour and medallion wearing shitball. Two words for you: Tawana Brawley.

Homo says what? #24 Ralph Cirella– The man that shaves Howard Stern's back hair & cleans his underwear. Yet, even this walking piece of monkey crap has the ego the size of 10 men combined. Keep pointing the laser you ugly s.o.b. Failed lie detector test and is indeed a faag. Check out Ol' Snaggletooth in his favorite dress to the left. F Crazy Cabby or whatever the hell his name is too. And, as always, F Jackie.

#23 Dan Patrick & Sportscenter - We can NOT figure out how anyone can sit through a full hour of them. Just read the scores dick, and enough barbershop humor. Why don’t you spend a little less time with the annoying catch-phrases, and a little more time pronouncing the players names RIGHT. “Boo-yah” 85 times in a row – hilarious. The swarmy Patrick and his little black side kick with the lazy eyes take the cake. But, Steve “Psycho” Lyons of Fox Sports Net is up there. F Sportscenter alum Craig Kilborn while were at it.

#22 Richard Gere – We really don’t give a rat’s ass about your political mumbo-jumbo or religious beliefs. Honestly. Why do constantly jam this non-sense down our throats? Sorry, we don’t think God is a portly fellow from India or wherever the hell Dali is from. Gere allegedly has "worked" with gerbils and has a small penis.

#21 Sgt. Vince Carter - (Frank Sutton) Earsplitting loudmouth that would never give Gomer Pyle a goddamn break. Once woke up Shady T at 4am with one of his patented screaming tirades when he accidentally left TV on. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Sarge dropped dead of a heart attack at age 51 in 1974. So, we are counting him as his character (Vince Carter), not Frank Sutton. PY-LE!

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