#20 Michael Stipe – Frontman of REM is absolutely repugnant looking. When is the announcement? Why do celebrities think we care about their politics? The interviews may be the most difficult thing between having to look at his bald headed, sickening physique while listening to him drone on, and on, and on, and on...

Bore #19 Larry King – How can someone sit through a full hour? How come he never dies from all the heart attacks? How many times has he been married? How stupid is Cyndi Garvey?

Fake Black Accent #18 Oprah – Haven’t we had enough of this big fat tub o lard? The fake black accent is out of control when she is “relating.” She claims to receive no residuals from “Oprah’s Book Club.” Yet, she conveniently does not let us know she owns the movie rights to all these books.

#17 William Shatner – How fast do YOU reach for your remote when a Priceline.com commercial comes on? Once caught on tape berating the crew in a studio for a radio commercial. Welcome aboard, Captain!

#16 Jim & Tammy Faye Baker – Can someone put these two out to pasture?

Yuck #15 Joan Rivers – We rued the day you subbed on the “Tonight Show.” We rued the days of the short-lived “Joan Rivers Show.” We even rue that disgusting E-Show with that hideous daughter critiquing the goddamn celebrities. Even the Long Island filthy hag yenta housewives laugh at you.

#14 Albert Belle – Big league slugger has been guilty of chasing down children in his truck after he refused to give out Halloween candy. Also, threw baseball at fan in front row. Hmm, Why does everyone hate baseball again?

#13 Axl Rose – Ask Metallica. The obnoxious, super-model beating scum needs to stay in hibernation – permanently.

#12 MTV VJ’s – Past, Present and Future. Why is everyone one of these incompetents so damn bothersome? The two greatest offenders have to be Pauly “my mommy owns a comedy club” Shore & Jesse Camp. Let's move on before the webmaster looses his lunch.

Waste #11 Spike Lee – Can anyone stand this physical and mental midget’s films. The commercials even suck now. Can that big eared, trash talking, no championship havin' Reggie Miller just punch him in the face once – Please.

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