Ms. FAT-HEAD #10 Rosie O’Donnell – Shut the hell up for one minute. How someone can watch this show for beyond 5 minutes is beyond comprehension. The attack on Tom Selleck was reprehensible. Go buy some guns at K-Mart fish-face.

#9 The French – Not celebrities, but the biggest group of cowards that the Lord ever created, and should be on every hate list. They embrace convicted killer Ira Einhorn and shower sparingly. Any chance the French get to piss off America they take it. They put a ferocious battle against Hitler. Why is Euro Disney not successful? Because every time the fireworks go off the French all surrender. Thanks Jokeman.

#8 Demi Moore – Congratulations on those ridiculously pretentious names for your children: Rumor & Scout or whatever the hell those poor children are named. Why do you act like such a c-word and demand multiple trailers on the set? Why do star in a movie called “Striptease” and not even take off your top? Geez, you showed them in “Blame it on Rio” when you had relatively speaking ‘mosquito bites.’ Willis should be ashamed as well for letting you get away with those assinine names.

#7 Louis Farrakhan –Salom Malakem racist pig. Die Whitey!

#6 Woody Allen – "Stepfather of the Year" Shouldn't he be in jail for the taste of pubescent poon-tang pie. Another reason to hate celebrities is their support of a knebish that bangs his step-daughter. Please stop cranking out those horrible movies.

#5 O.J. Simpson – Hey Killer! The fiery depths of hell a wait.

Mr. F'N Know It All #4 Alex Trebeck– Well if it isn’t “Mr. Freakin’ Know It All.” You have the answers in your hand, we know you have the answers in your hand. This ostentatious individual recently had the audacity to critique Regis and his program. Well, “Answer Boy” look at the ratings who do you think America likes more?

#3 Mumia Abu Jamal & Supporters - Convicted cop killer and all his supporters will join OJ in blazes when they eventually die and leave us alone. That includes you Ed Asner - you big, fat retarded ape. Read the transcripts A-Holes. Did you ever think about Officer Daniel Faulkner for one goddamn second? Get a F'N JOB!

#2 Kathy Lee Gifford – Please lady, don’t go away mad, just go away! Take your poor children and geriatric slapnutt husband too. As Player-coach Reg Dunlop (Paul Newman) said to the female owner of the Chiefs in the movie "Slapshot" "Your son looks like a fag to me, you better get remarried soon or he's going to wind up with someone's cock in his mouth faster than you can say Jack Robinson." Those poor kids.