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look at cody, look at cody Well, well, well. You have made it to the premiere celebrity-hater site on the web. These pretentious, depraved, immeasurably pompous, annoying creatures are the depths of celebritydom scum. Their decadent lifestyle is only exceeded by their belief in their own self-importance.

How many awards can these egomaniacal jerks give to each other for acting and singing? There must be 50 award shows when there should be three.

The following celebrities are being recognized for their lifelong achievements for being grotesquely annoying one way or another.


Due to the fact that there are so many annoying celebrities, cutting the list to 110 was tougher than a $2 dollar steak and more difficult than Chinese arithmetic. Without further ado, in honor of Napoleon-Complexed Casey Kasem, Team Cool Guy (TCG) proudly presents the 110 most annoying celebrities and much more fun for the whole family on ""

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