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I am so pissed off - all the time! #100 Charlie Sheen – Come on, ladies, be ONE of the lucky 5,627!!! Lurched and leered around Hollywood forever with that walking joke Brett Michaels. Now he is supposedly part of the most disturbing people on the planet – Born Again! According to, he broke up with his then fiancée Kelly Preston after he accidentally shot Preston in the arm in 1990. Starred in these big screen gems: Under Pressure, Men at Work and Rated X.

Meet Michael Jackson Year 2014 #99 Diana Ross – Unpleasant, humorless harridan. Countless stories of her contemptible attitude and prima donna nature. The penny-pinching princess tried to make another buck by saying the Supremes were “reuniting.” Little did anyone know that original Supreme member Mary Wilson would NOT be there. Instead, it would be Diana and two black ladies nobody ever heard of. The tour was cancelled. Weird relationship with that sick freak Jacko.

#98 David Hasselhoff – According to a reliable source in Germany (a TCG member lived there for a year), Hasselhoff's singing career is not even all that over in Germany. That is a big misconception. Everyone under 35 thinks he’s a horse’s ass there, too. Was executive producer of “Baywatch” and was stingier than Leona Helmsly with a nickel. Strutted around “Celebrity Fear Factor” like a lone rooster in an overstuffed hen house; only to fail miserably and be eliminated on the first stunt. (A stunt Kelly Preston successfully performed)

This next clip ummm ummm ummmmm um um girl #97 Aisha Tyler – Host of E! (Entertainment television) Talk Soup. This gal is pretty enough. However, with apologies to Carol Burnett, Aisha may be the UN-funniest woman on the face of the planet. Pretty Boy (Greg Kinnear) and Skunk Boy (John Henson) had slow starts on Talk Soup, but eventually they kind of grew on you. She also stars in another un-watchable show, “The Fifth Wheel”.

#96 Carson Daly – Always seemed like a natural for the list. Banana brained MTV slapnutt. It wasn’t until Daly took time out of his busy day of kissing Britney’s ass and hanging with fanatical 12 year olds to mock the death of Wendy’s owner Dave Thomas that he made it. Daly was acting like he was going to have a moment of silence for Thomas, but then started cackling and made a mockery of the whole thing. Now he has the much coveted 1:30 am time slot on NBC. Will bet anyone “The Juicer” beats him in the ratings.

Ellen - show us how much you like bush? #95 Ellen DeGeneres –Ellen, we hate to break the break the news to you, but your shows fail because they are insufferably unentertaining, not because you enjoy the pink lettuce. The only people that boycott your shows because of your sexuality are some overzealous Bible thumping hypocrites. The rest of us don’t watch because of the logy characters and bane story-lines. Ellen should count her blessings for not being involved with that crack-pot, Anne Heche.

ugly ass sam #94 Sam Cassell – Milwaukee Bucks point guard. Arguably, the world’s ugliest man: he looks like a partial abortion alien. Has played in over 500 NBA games, yet according to HIM he has NEVER committed one, single, solitary foul. The modern day Danny Ainge. Sam's so ugly...HOW UGLY IS HE? He's so ugly Rice Krispies won't even talk to him. Sam's so ugly...HOW UGLY IS HE? He's so ugly he went to take a bath and the water jumped out. Sam's so ugly...HOW UGLY IS HE? When he walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillence cameras.

WHOOPI, I bought some chapstick so I won't chap your big, fat, black ass #93 Tom Bergeron - Host of America’s Funniest Videos and Hollywood Squares. Would you ever think there would be a day where you longed for Bob Saget? Makes Saget seem like a comic genius. If he is worse than Saget, do we really have to tell you how bad he is? Personality hovers somewhere between a plant and a rock. Bergeron’s MUST have pics of someone in Hollywood to have two gigs.

#92 Bob Saget – Don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea from above and actually think we can stand this numbskull. Besides the irritating AFV voice-overs, is now some kind of hard-ass and works a blue act on HBO that makes George Wallace seem sidesplitting.

profoundly and ubiquitously, concubinagey fully reprehensibly #91 Jesse Jackson – Jesse… Jesse… Jesse. We thought you were above the rest of the over-protesting, bombastic, self-serving, liberal, hypocrite yahoos. Can't believe you are babby daddy. Spiritual adviser to President Clinton, Jesse took his pregnant mistress to an Oval Office meeting at the height of the Lewinsky Impeachment saga.

OK, OK. You want two more, How ugly is Sam? Sam's so ugly...HOW UGLY IS HE? He's so ugly he went to to a haunted house and came out with a paycheck. Sam's so ugly...HOW UGLY IS HE? When he looks in the mirror, the reflection ducks.

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